The Beast Mode Care Package contains:


  •  "Free Time" womens cotton crew socks
  • Beast Mode notepad
  • Exfoliating sugar cube trio to use in the bath - wet one cube in the bath or shower and rub on skin to exfoliate and moisturize. 
  • Painted Hills soap - SCENT: BERGAMOT, BASIL & CYPRESS Herbaceous, bright, and energizing with hints of warm soothing cypress. Madder root in this soap adds gentle exfoliation.


Nothing spreads love like a happy mail gift package sent via snail mail. Our care packages are packed with love and rainbow streamers with stickers on the box. We'd love to include a handwritten note on your behalf! Just leave your gift message in the "NOTES" section at checkout. Feel free to add other small gifts to your care package. We'll pack them all up in the same box to send to the mailing address. If you are sending multiple care packages to multiple addresses, please check out each one separately. 



Beast Mode Care Package