Cahoots Handbags Oversized Clutch


Made from the auditorium stage curtain at the old Gainesville Middle School aka Gainesville Junior High School (may it rest in peace.) This navy blue velvet clutch watched over countless choir performances, band concerts, Student Council elections, ridiculous talent shows, and so much more for decades. Unlike the other vintage fabrics we use to make our line, THIS textile is not the pristine, unused condition we normally sell. It was used and loved for decades. Some of the clutches have a slight "crushed velvet" look (as you can see on the front flap of the clutch above.) If you are wanting pristine perfect velvet, this is NOT the clutch for you. If you are wanting a charming piece of the history of Gainesville, Texas, hop to it. It is lined in silvery grey taffeta and has a golden button with large pearly center. 


Our Oversized clutch measures 6" x12".  It has a pocket just the right size for a stack of credit cards and your i.d. and a big open compartment for placing your cash, keys, phone, etc.

GMS Oversized Clutch

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$60.00Sale Price