This collection of candles are a collaboration between artist Paige Davidson and Chicago candlemaker Atelier 880. Davidson hand-painted every label with images of the Peruvian Sacred Valley in this limited series with natural pigments she hand-sourced in Peru.  An uplifting fragrance based on Palo Santo ("holy wood"). Indigenous to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, Palo Santo has traditionally been burned to cleanse a person's energy field and heal a variety of ailments. This lightly woodsy, sweet, and citrusy scent is a blend of cedar, almond, cardamom, mint, and lemon.


4 oz candle with 25 hour burn time. Hand poured in small batches in Chicago using phthalate free, natural essential oils and fragrance oils sourced from around the world.  100% domestically grown soy wax and cotton braided wicks primed with vegetable wax. No synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives or wax additives.

Paige Davidson Hand-painted Palo Santo Candle