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Cahoots provides you with fabulous handbags made of vintage upholstery fabrics and alternative vintage textiles. Because our fabrics are irreplaceable and only allow a couple of bags, its often a buy-it-while-you-can-get-it arrangement. Once something is sold, its kissed gently goodbye. 


We believe in high-quality handmade items and slow fashion. We believe that a handbag has the potential to replace the security blanket of your childhood and that making you think of your grandmother's couch, apron, or tablecloth is the nicest gift we could possibly give you. 


We believe that the relationship between ourselves and our customers should be as personal as your relationship to your fabulous handbag.  We believe in immediate communication, not putting customers on hold, and maintaining the quality and integrity of our product by handling every aspect of our business ourselves.  Our customers are special and they deserve special bags. 





205 S. Commerce, Gainesville TX 76240


Tel: 940-665-2138

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